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Q. Do the Goalkeepers have to attend every session

A. We are fully aware that lots of football teams train and play Saturday mornings along with School teams etc. so we don't penalise the goalkeepers if they miss the odd sessions. What we find is that the goalkeepers, once they come to the training sessions, don't like to miss their Saturdays at the school.

Q. What equipment is required to train

A. At the moment all sessions take place out doors on grass so the normal basic goalkeeper equipment is required. Goalkeeper gloves, shinpads etc.

Q. Do the sessions run all year or just the football season

A. The sessions run continuously apart from staff holidays and severe weather conditions.

Q. Does the school have Pro-Club links

A. Yes we are monitored by several academies for Pro and Non League sides as to the availability of our goalkeepers at certain ages.

Q. Is there a restriction on the age of the Goalkeepers

A. At the moment the school only caters for youth team goalkeepers of all ages. The sessions are split in two. The mini soccer keepers are in early and the 11 a side keeper sessions are later.

Q. Do the Goalkeepers have to sign up for a set amount of sessions

A. No, the goalkeepers are free to attend when available but we find that if they miss too many sessions their technical skills do suffer.

Q. How many Goalkeepers attend each session

A. The number of goalkeepers at each training session are kept small so each goalkeeper gets the maximum attention.

Q. Are all the coaches qualified Goalkeeper coaches

A. Yes. Both Lodgie and Marc have Goalkeeping qualifications. Please see our profile page for the relevent info.

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