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For enrolement, firstly read the 'Rules' and 'Code of Conduct' below, then if possible download the enrolement form, print it out and bring it filled out to your first training session. At your first goalkeeper training session you will be supplied with a welcome pack the 'Last Line of Defence Goalkeepers Handbook' which contains alongside goalkeeper training course information useful tips to form the basics of good goalkeeping from handling, positioning, communication, defence support, mental toughness, psychological aspects, diet and nutrition. Also supplied are assessment sheets for match reports.

Rules & Code of Conduct

1. No jewellery to be worn at any coaching session.
2. ALWAYS wear shin guards.
3. Trainers must not be worn unless the session is taking place on Astroturf or in an indoor facility.
4. Each keeper should bring a drink to every session.

1. Keepers must try to arrive at least 10 minutes before each coaching session begins.
2. We ask all members not to miss any more than ONE coaching sessions per school term unless for unforeseeable circumstance!
3. All training fee will be paid each week before the session is due to start.

1. Make every effort to develop their own abilites in terms of skills, technique, tactics and stamina
2. Give MAXIMUM effort and strive for the best possible performance during training
3. Set a positive example for other particularly the younger keepers among us!
4. Do not use inappropriate language.
5. Accept the decisions of the coaches without protest.
6. Shows due respect towards the coaches and other keepers
7. Abide by the instruction of the coaches
8. Safeguard the physical fitness of other coaches, avoid violence and rough play and help any injured keeper.

goalkeeping application form Download enrolement form >>

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